Saturday, June 06, 2020
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What can the World expect from for the year 2010 and beyond?


What can the World expect from for the year 2010 and beyond?
  • A re-commitment to its prime Objectives of building wealth and opportunities for forward looking ambitious individuals, without the bureaucracy and deliberate actions on the part of more established players to lock out or make it difficult for new participants to enter the market place,  by and through their self serving established organizations, which are often backed by and through the biased  actions and regulations of government; which realistically offer very little or no protection for consumers. These government regulation often coined as a direct result of lobbyists using scare tactics and hysteria, to and which serves to directly eliminate potentially emerging competition from the market place.
  • A re-dedication and engagement of its efforts towards eliminating poverty while creating diverse opportunities for persons and individuals personal economic empowerment.
  • A focused approach to its philanthropic strategy to establish permanent income generation mechanisms for meeting charitable demands through a voluntary contribution of 25% of its own profits and its charitable arm, to meeting these goals.
  • Extend an invitation for individuals and corporations to merge efforts in helping to solve the epidemic of global poverty, with an emphasis on the Caribbean basin, including all countries with shores meeting the Caribbean Sea.
  • The implementation of its development plans for its core business of real estate developments, in the modern, high-density, mixed use category.
  • To meet all its commitments and obligations while growing and implementing its approved and to be approved real estate developments to the tune of USD$14.6Billion.
  • The continued education of individuals interested in real estate investments and investing  through training offered as a direct benefit of being a part of the RIC club as well as other real estate investment clubs globally.
  • To grow RIC to its true an full potential of offering consumers a managed option of controlling inflation while creating and improving their spending power or their ability to grow passive wealth through savings as a direct result of the RIC Clubs inflation fighting strategy for its members.
  • To grow RIC’s membership globally, delivering all the benefits outlined in the benefits package offered under its vast array of services offered through its real estate consumer club.
  • To become a leader in the global real estate and housing market Place starting in the US and Caribbean housing sectors.
  • To aggressively begin the franchising of the RIC club, through boutique pavilions throughout national, and international markets globally which will directly challenge the current global employment crisis, while offering smaller economies a means to generate permanent non-evasive income generation for its people and their economies without increased or further taxation of an already over taxed population.
  • To become a leader in the fight against crime in developed and emerging countries through Real Estate developments and training, leading to permanent job creation for persons  who other wise often end up seeking a livelihood through criminal and illegal activities.

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