Saturday, June 06, 2020
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The Real Fight Between Homeowners And Existing Practices Within The Real Estate Financial Markets,


 The economic crisis, they claim is a direct result of the meltdown in the housing sector. A meltdown which has claimed many casualties, Including homeowners; now former homeowners, businesses, now former businesses, and the unemployed; formally productive members of the society and positive factors in economic growth or their respective nations. Common sense should tell us that if the housing crisis is at the hart of this dilemma, then it should not be getting the lease amount of attention. So why are homeowners in foreclosure, bankers, elected representatives, and the geniuses of Wall Street so quiet? Because even if they know how and what got us here. They simply don’t know how to get us out. Either that, or they just don’t care. It’s as simple as that!!!
 Like the typical toddler in trouble, they either sit quietly by themselves hoping the problem will go away, that no one will notice or it will fix itself. Or they panic, do damage and cry in desperation.  Adults however Wreck things out of anger, desperation or spite, so that no one will realize we are merely rebuilding the same monster.
  THE PROBLEM IS THOUGH, WE ARE NOT CHILDERN! Surprise, surprise! We are not toddlers confused with the difference between reality and make-believe. The problem will not fix itself. We therefore must make the necessary moves to ensure that if we are to return to an upwardly mobile lifestyle with the highest quality of life for as many Americans as possible, we must now focus on the real problem. And need I remind us all, what that is? Yes that’s right, the housing and foreclosure crisis which has stripped many homeowners and American of the only real investment they will ever make. In many cases lost forever since they will not have the time or the know how or merely, simply worn out, to recover.
 Now you know that just can’t be right, regardless of whatever angle you try to view this crisis. No HARD NOSE financially savvy leader of Wall Street or the productive sector can justify what has been taking place. By making a conscious effort not to resolve this crisis, they are in fact clearly and loudly saying, it’s again the Federal Government that must fix the problem. That cannot itself be right as well, for two basic and fundamental reasons of the freedoms we so demand and loudly ascribe, and our desire to avoid government involvement and taxation in our lives. Wherever government sticks its head searching for a solutions, good or bad, it will and must lead eventually to taxation to ensure that all is paid for. And government should not be the one paying for this solution.
 Payment is due and collectible from the people who got us here in the first place. And please don’t event try to blame the home owner who were frequently sucked and suckered into over priced homes. Yes over priced homes! Many which went from the low $100’s, to the high $3-400’s in a matter of months, with no real demand, because that too was artificial. So many homeowners were given a deal which they just couldn’t afford once reality set in.  I believe that's what we in the west call a RAW deal! Not because they lied, as the same people who trapped them in the first place would have us believe, but because they were given structured creative financing, to which they were approved and qualified as being fit and proper candidates. The homeowner did not make any decision to give themselves a loan. That was done by some geniuses who for some reason thought inflation was stagnant and income would be able to surge to level which would not create this crash. And frankly it didn't stay stagnant, income didn't rise and as a direct result we did crash respectively.
All the aforementioned I obviously had to declare, so we don’t go back to the same old dead arguments which will never fix the problem. And yes the problems are fixable. Just as they were created we can “Un-create” them. Don't be stressed about the word, if you can’t find it in the English dictionary. We as a creative people are inventing all the time. That’s why we evolve; drive cars that go from 0 to 60mph in seconds, and why we now know water is definitely on the moon.  So don’t panic, the genus of man; man being plural here, so we don't offend, is that we are always figuring thing out. So back to the main theme here, if we are so smart, why are we not figuring this housing problem out? Is it that we really, really don’t care and that whenever its comes to the working poor or the upwardly struggling middle class, they must, JUST, face the music alone!?

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