Saturday, June 06, 2020
Text Size Is Urging Homeowners In Foreclosure TO FIGHT BACK!!! is urging homeowners in foreclosure and those not yet in foreclosure; in fact all homeowners and future homeowners to read its solutions to fighting foreclosure in the US housing crisis. The Solutions document is found in the inner sanctum of CAREIF and offers solutions to fix the current housing crisis.
 CAREIF is also promoting proactive measures by families in foreclosure designed to stop them from losing their homes to banks. Its better to be proactive as opposed to sitting around doing nothing, CAREIF does not believe the politicians have the solutions and that they, the politicians are too beholding to big business to seriously deal with the right solutions that would benefit the  American homeowner.
 This is evident from what has been happening thus far , exemplified by that which has also been taking place in the health reform debates. Where political leaders, elected by the people have chosen to completely ignore what the people want and what is beneficial to the people, for their own self- interest. CAREIF knows the solutions and is willing to organize the everyday homeowner to effectively prevent them from losing their homes through foreclosure. CAREIF’s housing strategy also creates millions of jobs across the United States.
 The homeowner and privet enterprise working to resolve these issues will better serve the nation as a whole. This logic is based on the fact that where as private decisions can be done in a matter of days, the Federal government will have to under take months of over debate. This debate will again; like all debates in Congress and the Senate, be permeated with undue , unnecessary conflict as to what is beneficial to the people of this country.
 Homeowners are suffering, whether they are in foreclosure or not. If in foreclosure they feel their world has collapsed. If not yet in foreclosure, the are uncertain as to what is their true value and should they continue to pay for a home not worth the cost of their mortgage. That being said, government will not in a short space of time resolve the issue.
 The people however can. CAREIF can prove this by simply comparing how fast private industry reacts to a problem as opposed to government. The government is often times much more costly and takes a crippling length of time at the end of which, the problem has gotten even more complex. An absolute cause of these delays are the constant bargaining away of America and its peoples' future as a whole in favor of big business by politicians who feel protecting big business is a necessary part of their careers. While doing this of course sacrificing the ordinary tax payer and working poor.
 CAREIF remains open and available to suggestions by and from homeowners who want to be apart of the new American struggle for homeownership and protecting that home form foreclosure by BANKS in what seems to be a worsening economic crisis as it relates to seeing progress for the people.

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