Saturday, June 06, 2020
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the President and Congress of the United States of America.
  CAREIF is an organization with has developed several strategies which are designed to and they believe will solve our current housing problems while at the same time creating major reduction in unemployment throughout the United States. Additionally their housing solutions and opportunities are said, will help to increase our international earnings, therefore reducing our balance of trade problems. These programs are said, will result in the greatest and most dramatic cutting edge changes within the housing sector within the USA as well as lead the global real estate market in a manner consistent with the protection of home owners and the real estate markets in general. The solutions they have deliberately designed to revolutionize how the global community views the real estate sector during the 21st Century. And most importantly is will literally not force the Federal government to levy any further taxation of the taxpayers. In fact, it will not add to the Federal deficit in any way whatsoever.
 Because there is an obvious and urgent need for the current financial and slowing global recession to be handled in a manner consistent with ensuring that all interested parties and stake holder have an amicable settlement. It must therefore be handled delicately so that one sector doesn’t benefit necessarily more that the other. This is not an event in American history where one party can afford to be victorious over that other. Especially when the parties that are aliened in this epic struggle; of hard working lower and middle class Americas are on one side and the rich and wealthy financially secure patrons of economic growth are on the other. Both sides in actuality complement as well as need each other. However in the reality of history and political representation one has always been pitted against the other often for selfish political gains. These programs should be looked at by the Federal government, especially a Federal Government in desperate need to resolve the unemployment situation and crisis.
 For the political parties pitting different demographic groups against each other may seem at times to be the way to march towards glory. However because perception often formulate reality, feelings of distrust and out right hate is prevalent and pervasive amongst the nation as a whole as it relates to the aforementioned sectors, as a direct result of the aforementioned political strategies. There is a distrust that must be over come if this problem; which did not just occur, instead it has been evolving and developing as a result of long neglected and ignored hostilities between these different socioeconomic groups. These feeling, though evident can and will be eliminated when the correct psychological approach and economic benefits are implemented in a mutually rewarding way. The traditional manner to fix problems in government is to rely on the established contacts and personnel in the political circles familiar to the leadership. The leadership of this notation should realize that solutions may not necessarily come from the people in the news or the people in the so called Know. We all and the government must seek to genuinely look at new approaches to an old problem. It’s quite possible that the solutions being put forward by CAREIF will make the big difference.
 To recognize the solution it must never again be accepted by the wealthiest sectors of the economy; that the middle class is satisfied with just making it. This has to be addressed. All Americans, including the lowest amongst the socioeconomic groups all aspire toward the American dream. We all dream and pray desperately to be successfully at attaining a piece of this Great American existence. And when it’s not attained, it is disappointing to all those who wish but can’t seem to reach that goal. It becomes not just a disappointment in many cases, but results in the on set of mass depression where there seem to be no hope. This has intensified and reinforced in recent times, when the producers of this dire economic situation, now levy the blame at the feet of the middle and working class of this great nation. It is this resentment, blame and distrust that have brought on this cold freeze of economic inactivity and must be over come.
 The drivers of the economy and those who claim to have more value than the other segment of society, who think the should receive  unconditional and priority treatment in times of difficult economic times, often forget that without these same individuals and working families, their existence would be absolutely dismal. The Fact is each group needs the other to survive in this capitalistic economy we have become so deeply in love. It represents freedom. And if you are successful at understanding the dynamic and politics of the system, there is no limit to what one can attain or achieve. A clear recognition of the aforementioned d facts is embedded in any solutions needed to fix the immediate problem.
 These aforementioned factors amongst many others; too many to detail here, must be the centre of any debate and discussion when it comes to solving the current and any future economic problems that this nation will face. And what happens to this nation happens to the world. A world caught in an economic storm is a world in trouble. American cannot at this time more than any other time in history, bear the turmoil which will occur if we don’t resolve these matters quickly, while showing the world that the solution coming from our Government or our private individuals have not once again give the rich the benefit of the doubt. But that the poor and most vulnerable within our fair society, are the ones to be tended to first and foremost.
 This did not happen; to the degree that it must, under the measures thus far taken. And, unless the reality of the moment shifts to reflect these priorities for the poor and vulnerable amongst us, then certainly the new Democratic administration, though only 12 + months in office will be caught up in a firestorm of human despair. A despair that will create emotional reactionary behaviors leading to unfair expectations and judgments. But that is reality. It has happened before throughout different cultures and nations, leading to social and political crises that we still mourn over when it results in tolls of human lives lost to irrational behavior. Whether economic or physical brutality and despair, it is a result no civilized well thinking person is willing to accept as the desired result. These events and wounds often lead and last for eons and still negatively affect many nations that often thought they were far form the madden crowds...
 There are those of us here, who are willing and able to provide worth whole solutions to these problems. CAREIF is one such organization that would like an opportunity to show the elected representatives of the people of this country, how we can solve these problems, not six years from now but with immediate implementation. The solutions provided and implemented will result in positive growth in the economy, the revitalizing of the housing and construction sector, a diffusion of tensions between the different socioeconomic groups and the movement to a more equitable American society. Where Americans can once again truly believe they can and will be a part of a greater, wealthier society as well as the American dream of

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