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The Caribbean The Place For Real Estate Investors And Their Investment Dollars


While there are traditionally many investors operating in the US housing markets.  Most have pretty much taken a back seat; let’s wait and see attitude, while they rest from one of the best profit taking sessions in the housing and real estate market. It is this deliberate respite from the real estate market that has set in place one of the worst real estate collapse ever seen or experienced globally since the mid 20th century.  American consumers are always asking, where did all that money from the system go forcing this recession? Well those investors who pulled suddenly from the market, after months of Wall street, brokers announcing the pending real estate bubble’s demise, are sitting on it.
While many investors and buyers have withdraws voluntarily or through painful losses, there are others  who have been taking advantage of, the not so bad markets, just out side the borders and shores of the United States. Areas close to home such as the Caribbean islands and Central America have and still are experiencing if not major activities, at least encouraging activities in the area of acquisition and construction. This, simply because the typical massive housing projects and developments which predominate the USA housing sectors, are not an every day practice within these markets. With less production, and a high demand for scarce developable land, these areas are likely to hold their value far into the foreseeable future. And even when there may be a dramatic slowing, their values will still be maintained. The law of demand and supply are the determining factors in these markets. The Caribbean markets are less artificial then the Wall Street investor driven real estate markets in the USA, Canada and the United Kingdom.
Many Americans including investors and end-users have been taking advantage of some of these opportunities at very attractive price points. One very hot market is the Island of Jamaica, where It is said property values, though on an average is lower than the rest of Caribbean have not been falling but edging upwards. The Bahamas is yet another Caribbean territory experiencing growth, with several celebrities, including the world’s fastest man, securing his interest there. Honduras, prior to its recent military take over of the government there, was amongst the most attractive with even lower price points than that of Jamaica and the eastern Caribbean islands. Costa Rica is yet another Caribbean territory, attracting steady stream of American citizens to relocate and or retire there. is on of the North American real estate development corporations that has been taking advantage of this market. The company has in its development portfolio, several approved mixed use Resort Hotel condominiums projects; a Commercial complex and a Town home development slated for construction  during the Last quarter of 2009 or  first quarter [early] 2010. The largest of the ready and approved development is the Phenion On The Ridge Resort Hotel Condominium and Spa with a contiguous Town Centre which houses a modern medical complex, theatres, cinemas, retail shops an Artist colony, convention space and a whole lot more. The bulk of these high end developments are located in the tourism Mecca of Montego Bay and St Mary on the famous north coast of the island.  The development budge for these developments will be close to the one billion dollar mark. after refusing to register with Jamaica’s Financial services commission; which wanted the developer to register its business as a securities company, decided to focus on its core business of real estate development instead. To the credit of its principals and the focused decisions, CAREIF was able to get approved, one of the largest real estate projects on the island and in the Caribbean. The complex in Montego Bay is over 1.2 million square feet in size; over 600 rooms and buildings reaching between 7 –to- 21 floors. The complex has some of the most modern amenities planed for the island. This ultra modern mixed use development is expected to be ready by the last quarter of 2011.
 From its activities in the Caribbean, CAREIF is positioning itself to become one of the fastest growing Development companies in real estate throughout the Caribbean and north America. Optimism comes with the growing confidence now being shown by investor, as reflected by their activities on Wall street. The slow but sure rebounding that has been shown by the various stock exchanges, is an indication that the real estate sector will also take similar route. This will increase the demand and therefore the absorption of CAREIF’s marketable housing units for sale or lease. The look of investors towards the Caribbean markets is yet the other positive factor CAREIF is hoping will bring it success in moving its real estate products there in the Caribbean.
CAREIF is now in the process of registering future tenants for its Montego Bay commercial town hall complex. Of the over 300,000 square feet of space. The company has already pre leased over 151,000square feet of that space. And has created some new strategy to encourage speedy absorption of the developments.  Some of the strategy includes offering buyers interest rates  of below 5% per annum fixed for up to 35 years period. The company is offering Seller financing on the units. Where the buyer can show 45-50% of cost as a deposit, that buyer will be given a long term fixed rate mortgage of 4.97% for up to 35 years...  This excellent and unique opportunity is definitely a good thing for investors and prospective home owners, especially in a global real estate market were accessing credit or loans are almost impossible for the average person. 
This will make it possible for a true investor to purchase hotel condominium units and put them into a rent a pool, generating long term income. Then when the global markets begin to quickly move along to resell at a profit. This beats having their liquidity loose value when it sites in a bank where it is literally eaten up by inflation. Not to mention the fact that if the banks should fail, the significant losses that will occur. For a real estate investor, putting cash into real estate that is generating a positive cash flow is ideal in any situation, even if the cash flow is minimal. THE Caribbean therefore holds great value for a rested investor in real estate.

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