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Sunset Town Centre

The Sunset Town Centre will be a commercial development proposed for the Hip Strip of Montego Bay on approximately six point five acres Below the Phenion on the Ridge Hotel Condo Resort and Spa.

The development will feature offices such as; Banks, Pharmacies, Nurseries and other businesses to take advantage of this much needed facility units will range in size from 617.9 sq. ft. up to 3,077 sq ft.

The Sunset Town Centre will be a pedestrian friendly upscale development, with open Court yards, basement and ground surface parking, a four screen cinema/theatre accommodating over six hundred (600) patrons, these will all be accommodated in a three (3) complex seven storey office buildings and apartment/commercial with pipe music, lined walkways well landscaped with the definite aim of creating an esthetically pleasant environment.

1% Joint Venture Equity is also being offered for US $336,000 which can be converted to an actual 1200 Sq. Ft. shop unit or the profit from sale of the unit.

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Site Plan

The Sunset Town Centre will lie adjacent to the PHENION RIDGE HOTEL RESORT AND SPA on the Hip Strip of Montego Bay, Jamaica, W.I. The site lies West of the Summit Police Station bounded by Sunset Avenue (Bottom Road) and Queens Drive (Top Road) on 6.5 acres parcel of land.

The Town Centre complex will house an 80 units hotel condominium and 3 main office complexes offering multiple conference facilities, an international food court, a four screen cinema and commercial retail spaces.

CAREIF Ltd invites individuals and businesses to take advantage of our investment opportunity offered in this prime location of the Hip Strip of Montego Bay, Jamaica, W.I.

The Town Centre development open doors of opportunities to Corporate Offices such as; Banks, Pharmacies, Nurseries, Medical Centres, Grocery Chains, Home Depots, Cambios etc. Units and Offices will range in sizes from 617.9 sq. ft. up to 3,077 sq ft.

Similarly to Phenion On The Ridge, The Sunset Town Centre will be a pedestrian friendly upscale development. The Lobby will boast magnificent cathedral ceiling wrapped with balconies on the second and third levels with crystal like leaded glass penetrated by brilliant sun light bringing indoors the lush greenery of the open Courtyard. An open stage area connects Cinema to Courtyard, used for staging outdoor functions.

Piped music and lined walkways intentionally landscaped with the definite aim of creating an aesthetically pleasant environment will connect commercial buildings.

The complex is designed to adequately serve the physically challenged individual.

Virtual Offices will be provided for professionals who are interested in temporary office facilities for short term rental that will be used for merely meeting clients for short stop overs. Therefore travelers can now conveniently work and have their vacations in one location.

There will be adequate basement and ground surface parking to accommodate patrons and workers to the complex.

There are no other Town Centres of the quality being proposed by the Sunset Town Centre developer within this immediate area. This simply means the development will out perform the other existing developments. Over twenty-seven high-density shops are available.

Simply put, both PHENION ON THE RIDGE and SUNSET TOWN CENTRE will provide upscale vacation or permanent lifestyle within easy access of the greatest local and international entertainment at nominal cost.


The Town Centre will feature a four screen cinema with seating capacity of two hundred patrons per cinema. These cinemas can be converted to theatres that will host both local and international productions.


CAREIF Limited is offering Joint Venture Equity participation to persons interested in owning a percentage interest in its two major developments on the Hip Strip of Montego Bay.

For a contribution of US $336,000 individuals can gain an Joint Venture Equity Position in the development with the option to take profits or to own a commercial space.

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