Saturday, June 06, 2020
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Phenion at Cotton Bay

Phenion at Cotton Bay is a proposed 240 acre development with two large shelters bays lined with white sand beaches. There will be several distinct designs which will be employed in the buildings. These will include Jamaican Vernacular; Mediterranean, Italian as well as distinctly Jamaican cinder block and frame. This will create both a contemporary as well historic reference and ambiance for both local and visitors alike. It is believed that there will be a wide appeal for the development since it will cater to a wide Varity of persons and their varied taste.

This product will cater to a large sector of the island culture as well as the tourist sector that remains in terms of water sporting activities, vastly neglected. This is an area largely under developed even though Jamaica is completely surrounded with spectacular coast lines and beautiful sheltered bays. This sector of the islands economy will be a main focus of this development The property will be developed with a mixed use residential commercial combination and concept. The development will also host hotels and tourism facilities.

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