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The Caribbean Real Estate Investment Fund – ;CAREIF's,  primary objective is to offer large and small investors  Globally  the opportunity to invest in local and International Real Estate Developments and real estate  holdings generally so as to build wealth in a safe highly strategised risk reduced environment. Obviously one must be reminded that there are risk associated with an monetary and investment transaction. The recent collapse of the US and global real estate markets are only a very painful example. Yet even though the markets are especially tough as a direct result of the financial meltdown on Wall Street, the demand for real estate is still extremely high. This sets the stage for profit taking for a savvy real estate investor. You should be reminded that the real estate sector is in trouble not because of lack of demand but because of a lack of available credit and funding simply because banks have been refusing to do what they we originally founded for; to lend money so the economy in which they are established can stay vibrant and strong.

CAREIF is lead by a well trained  experienced group of professionals who have developed expertise in the areas of construction, mortgage financing, Real Estate Investment and the real estate industry in general. It is this expertise that will now lead many real estate Investors to be amongst the most successful  investors in the world.

CAREIF is the first and only dedicated Real Estate Investment Trust/Fund that serves the purpose of pooling investors, capital and Real Estate  Developments  Globally using its unique strategies, multiple investment opportunities and products that are all backed by tangible assets in the form of real estate holdings to offer great returns in a protected environment. We are sure you would like to know what is unique about our product and strategy. Well for one thing if and when you buy real estate , whether a home or commercial property, developed, listed under special programs and terms on our property listing services, and sold by or through CAREIF's affiliates, those parties will never lose their purchase values. This simply means unlike the current markets where homes have fallen significantly below the value of the money spent to buy those homes, that will never happen under our program. Your home will therefore hold it value and or can only go one way, up in value. This is only one of our programs developed to protect you the consumer.

CAREIF has significant interest in real estate assets, holdings which are approved for development or are to be developed and is heavily diversified with our projected profit margins not governed or restricted by our focus and investment in only one product. This therefore, greatly reduces the risk to  our partners and investor's capital contributions. CAREIF’s strategy is to invest locally in all areas where our partners and members of real estate investment clubs; including all our affiliates communities are domiciled  as well as internationally with profits coming back  to build these communities to the benefit of the national economy in the form of needed jobs, infrastructure development, scholarships and educational programs.

CAREIF is constantly seeking  information on viable and major developments across the Caribbean region, Central America, South America and North America. These focused  researches includes condos, town houses, single-family homes, Mega mixed use commercial and residential resort developments. CAREIF will only invest in master planned communities offering all modern amenities. CAREIF is now aggressively working to effect the ground breaking for an Ultra modern Town Center in Palm Beach, Montego Bay. This area is known as the Hip Strip of Jamaica. The development will deliver to Jamaica its first truly high density Mega resort with towers climbing over 20 Floors. The resort will lead the way in creating a modern skyline comparable to those found in a major twenty first century first world country, and will signal a trend to fight the destruction  of Caribbean environments through spread construction. The efficiency achieved here will translate into positive gains for CAREIF's bottom line. Our mission is to remain responsible stewards of the planet as we participate in it's development.

To facilitate the rapid growth  envisioned for  our business model, CAREIF has embarked on introducing its Real Estate Investment Club (RIC) which is strictly a private membership organization. Benefits include our portfolio Management Services, Property Listing Services, Professional Listing Services, Contractor Listing Services, Foreclosure Prevention and Protection Program, Credit Repair and Counseling, Real Estate Consulting Services and Disaster Preparedness Program. CAREIF's programs will solve the US housing crisis. For maximum protection from foreclosure smart real estate buyers, homeowners and investors should consider becoming proactive with our programs. The cost of being involved with these programs could save consumers and homeowners millions in painful losses in the very near future.   Wouldn't you prefer to be safe as opposed to being sorry?

CAREIF’s Mission is to create a more sophisticated real estate investor while building a real estate fund that will support and sustain a viable real estate markets across the World well into the next century. One thing to remember CAREIF will solev the US housing crisis, placing homeowners back into their homes with more protection for these homeowners.  protect your homes from foreclosure. Find the best real estate investment opportuities;  experts in the Caribbean; Jamaican; US, CENTRAL American amongst other global real estate markets.



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In-House Team Leaders

  • Anthony Tharpe
    USA : 561.839.9766
    Jamaica: 876.409.5820 

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  • In House Lawyer


  • In House Architects


  • Mr. Fitzroy G. Donaldson
    19 Market Street
    Montego Bay, St. James
    Jamaica W.I.



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