Friday, June 05, 2020
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Buy Back Jamaica Campaign

For too long our prime beach-front properties have been owned and operated by foreign interests.

It’s time that Jamaica is owned by Jamaicans. You now have the opportunity to be co-owners of beach-front properties across the island.

We are embarking on a drive to purchase and develop properties along our coastline and allow for public access to the beaches. The properties will be developed with restaurants and other facilities for great entertainment. And you can be a part of this, as co-owners of these prime estates.






CAREIF’s Buy Back Jamaica Campaign is designed to encourage, motivate and support all Jamaicans in buying back and developing properties on Jamaica’s beaches and coastlines.

By joining with CAREIF Jamaican from all over the world will pull together in building and maintaining a strong national economy coupled with national pride.

Through this campaign Jamaicans will be able to reclaim on beaches and water front properties from the influx of foreign investors predominately within the tourism sector, for our children and their children.

How does this benefit jamaican's

The BUY BACK JAMAICA campaign is based on one very simple principle. That Jamaicans who believe in building a better Jamaica must come together to proactively do so. One immediate way is to join CAREIF LTD in buying and developing our beaches and coast line ensuring that Jamaicans will always have free unlimited use of this asset. We have immense problems related to our everyday social interaction as well as economic activities within our economy that indirectly and directly limit Jamaicans from accessing and utilizing our national shore line, even though laws formally allowed all Jamaicans access to use beaches openly over the last 15-20 years those laws have been largely ignored.

Complicating the aforementioned situation; the influx of foreign developers, predominately within the tourism sector, their developments have captured significant costal property which are quickly privatized. The very accessible coast line which we all at one time enjoyed is now disappearing


How to get involved


  1. Register with BUY BACK JAMAICA (at the bottom of this page)
  2. Join the BUY BACK JAMAICA Campaign by buying beachfront properties that you are aware of.
  3. Join the Group of Patriots in our Real Estate Investment Club.
  4. Register beachfront properties you own or see for sale with our BUY BACK JAMAICA Campaign.
  5. Partner with Careif for Joint Venture developments on your beach front properties. Joint Venture Equity opportunities in CAREIF‘s Developments.
  6. Become a Funding Partner as we carry out the campaign. Take Advantage of Our Attractive Debt Funding Packages.
  7. Give your opinion through our blog. Click here.
  8. Vote on our poll question.


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