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“CAREIF Now Developing Renewed Strategies, Merging Both Innovative and Traditional Methodologies to Re-Bound Its Productive capacity In the Worst Real Estate Market in Decades”
Generating real income as well as forging ahead with other potentially profitable developments in three other Caribbean territories; Belize; Nicaragua and Panama, is one of the highest priorities on CAREIF’s to do list during the last month, of the last quarter, of 2010 . The entity recognizes that these areas are all highly demanded areas for North American retirees and investors, including those from the US and Canadian markets. Both Baby Boomers and young upwardly mobile professionals have been moving to these areas for business and the sheer improvement in the quality of life being offered in increasing numbers over the last decade.
These developments vary in size from 600 to over 6,000 acres. This means CAREIF will be working in these areas for a very long time to come. CAREIF has however made it quite clear that their approved Jamaica Developments will not suffer, but will be enhanced through an association with development activities by the company in other markets. In addition to generating revenue from these other markets, CAREIF will be able take advantage of simultaneously mass marketing all its developments at once, attracting both end-users and investors, to provide critical funding in order to complete all developments currently awaiting backend financing to pay off Promised construction financing from its Asian Funding partners. 
CAREIF has also concluded as well that in addition to a greater demand for these areas, there is also more development friendly government agencies as well as financial institutions in the named locations willing to do business. A mark contrast to the Jamaican Market, where bank are far from being development friendly, most refusing to finance long term commercial mortgages. Such has been the experience of CAREIF. Being told my many Jamaican bankers that even though CAREIF has one of the most viable developments on the island, with construction funding and more than ample revenue and an excellent exit strategy, they cannot fund. An act which has amazed both CAREIF, its Joint Venture Partners and several international agencies, willing to fund CAREIF through the construction phase.
Because of those actions by local Jamaican Banks, CAREIF has developed its own self funding strategy. CAREIF will be engaging in its own funding strategies to ensure that its developments including its properties for sale or long term lease, do not fall prey to sabotage through deliberate withholding of funding by local banks. CAREIF believes it is the only sensible way forward in ensuring independence from that level of illegal interference discovered and alive in the Jamaican market. CAREIF has had commitments of over half a Billion US Dollars in construction financing, for approved developments in Jamaica which has not been acted upon by the government or financial institutions, with both failing to recognize the significant benefit such an infusion directly into the economy would mean. It is even more significant especially in a worsening global economic climate where unemployment is rampant and will have its worsening effect on cash remittances to this failing Jamaican economy.
CAREIF’s Development in Montego Bay Jamaica when build will employ directly over 20,000 permanent workers plus secondary markets; provide ultra modern infrastructure in both the tourist entertainment sector for the general area of Montego Bay as well as space for over 3,000 new small and medium size businesses. Again, it has been a mystery that the government of Jamaica has been extremely slow in recognizing the value of the developments and has thus neglected to take advantage of a guarantee facility which was approved for the construction of CAREIF’s projects in Jamaica.
CAREIF’s objective is to bring to these new markets, its signature Mega developments under the Phenion Brand. These represent the very best in global real estate developments which will serve these countries and their citizens as well as the region as a whole to the profitable benefit of its affiliates and all parties involved including its partners.
One of CAREIF’s marketing strategies as we are moving into the year 2011 is to create income generating opportunities for anyone who wishes to make referrals, including its own partners and affiliates. CAREIF will pay a very attractive referral fee for all successful referrals towards its aforementioned projects. The end-users or Joint Venture interest or even fractional ownership in the resort facilities such as hotels, retails, entertainments as well as other resort facilities are all geared towards profitability for CAREIF.
·         For CAREIF to foster quick absorption of the LIMITED NUMBER OF HOMESITE, it will initially be offering to pay up to a 5% referral fee on the gross sales values received from each person encourage or referred to buy one of these home sites, lease property or do Joint Venture on these Caribbean countries with CAREIF. This is obviously a very rare opportunity.
CAREIF is quite sure that with the current concerns about the level of crime and personal safety, e.g. in Jamaica, there is always the consideration to relocate to areas which offers a better quality lifestyle. This will be that opportunity for a lot of persons. The gates to North America are literally closed to immigration from the Caribbean and therefore new areas will be needed to provide alternate places to live and transact business in master planned communities with heightened security. CAREIF hopes that unlike banks and the Jamaican Government; ordinary persons seeking to increase their income for the upcoming Christmas holidays and beyond, these ordinary persons, will know they can legally help CAREIF by referring the home sites to not only Jamaicans and their friends there in Jamaica but those living abroad, including other CARIBBEAN NATIONALS AND NORTH AMERICANS GENERALLY LOOKING TOWARDS THE Caribbean as that alternate place to reside into retirement or do business in another location to which they retire. In so doing they will generate significant income through our referral rewards system. This also means any Real Estate Broker or Investment Broker; in fact anyone can take advantage of this opportunity.
The Public can also take advantage of the opportunity and save 5% on the purchase of this home site by applying their referral fees towards the purchase of one of these limited numbers of home sites. This home site will be a good investment into the future for those persons who are merely seeking to have a turnover in 8-18 months of initial purchase. A Return on Investment (ROI), earnings that are much more significant than what local banks are paying in interest on money they have sitting idle in these same banks. Banks in turn, take these funds and then invest them into government paper, making millions and billions in profit while paying out meagerly to their depositors. They then turn around and charge these depositors massive amount in service fees on many if not all their transactions. Ironically many of these banks encourage these same depositors to borrow their own money, under penalties, charging enormous sums in fees and interest to these borrowers who are ironically using their own money. Repeat, their own money?!!!!
Obviously many might say anyone who takes such a deal from a bank must be intellectually and financially challenged. However, the fact is, many are deceived into believing that this is sound economic policy and practice on their part and that the banks have the client’s interest at hart. Obviously that’s far from the truth.
CAREIF is now Conducting a survey for persons looking to escape from Jamaica; to start a new life in a safe secure community and to retire or do business in Belize; Nicaragua and Panama and of course Montego Bay-JA. We are offering great fractional ownership in predevelopment property/ 1/2acre home sites available in preplanned ocean front resort to be built in these areas. Persons can build or have us build for them. Initial cost for the property is only USD$35,000 in one case; FOR THE HALF ACRE.
·         In Nicaragua, only doing 200 of these initially @ $35,000.00
·         In Belize 400 home sites in one location,@ $60,000.00 approved development already in place
·         Second location BELIZE; @ $45,000.00 initially.
Prices will be significantly increased as we advance the developments. Thus this becomes a really good investment. One in which early buyers are sure that the prices paid will increase by more than 50% in 8-18 months. That’s information you can rely on if we are successful in identifying all these initial buyers. We are confident of that because we will be selling at higher prices within 3-8 months of identifying initial buyers with funds to close.
Obviously we are looking for clean law abiding individuals who will have money able to transfer through the banking system. And everyone must fully understand that these are predevelopment offers similar to buying home sites in Florida and they will be titled after initial closing, including those who may want to do fractional ownership in larger tracks for hotels and resorts including Casinos.
All residential owners will have to build within a 3 year period of the ground breaking event, expected to be within 6-12 months of identifying all the desired buyers aforementioned. If they can’t build we will mandatorily build and they pay us. That’s because we don’t wish to have a development that’s never completed and since these will be secured gated communities we really don’t want to have construction going on in any massive scale after three years of ground breaking.
CAREIF will pay you 5% on each buyer referred to the opportunity by you and or your associate in the ratio you have agreed to. An attorney will also charge the buyer for the paper work and all funds will be held in escrow at a US Federally recognized commercial bank in the country in which the property of choice is located. The buyer will also pay additional cost for and when their titles are ready. These measures are being done in order to maintain transparency in all transactions.
If you are one of the very smart person who recognizes the opportunity to make a lot of money, then you therefore need to act now and fast if you would like to make extra money for the holidays or secure your retirement home site in another Caribbean country with great potential. I know there are many persons who are looking for a quiet retirement or new business location where they don’t have to worry so much about crime and more. CAREIF will be taking over some of these developments and will take others from concept to completion and therefore our initial move is merely to identify the interested parties before concluding transactions.
Individuals will need to act quickly before these governments start making amendments which would make it difficult to migrate or relocate there. There are many opportunities in these emerging markets. Many countries are now developing immigration policies which restrict entry or permanent residence for noncitizens. Not many people pay much attention to that aspect of international politics.
CAREIF would like to see as many good people get into these regions before they close off their markets, thus making it difficult for entry as have been done in a few other neighboring Caribbean islands. This trend is destined to continue at least into the next Decade, especially with an evident rise in crime and violence in many parts of the region. This rise in crime, acts directly as a stimulus for the anti immigration policies emerging in many first world Countries. This phenomenon is fast becoming an integral part of the life of immigrants as the travel to resettle in these and even more developed economies. Getting and taking advantage of the many opportunities in these markets now, can only be good for any smart individual and the Caribbean region generally.
There are opportunities in these developments to build hotels as well as other businesses. Thus CAREIF is encouraging anyone interested in generating additional income to expose the opportunity to as many persons as possible, including their clients, prospects and friends who may have a desire to own their own hotels and resorts in the Caribbean.
They must act now. As mentioned these are ocean front developments and those who act fast will be able to secure waterfront and water-view properties at very attractive price points. Obviously prices are subject to change without warning or notice.
CAREIF would like to close out all offers before the New Years comes. So prospective clients or their networking partners can and should also pass on the information to as many persons as possible including any and all their real-estate broker. CAREIF will split or share commission as agreed by both or all individuals who jointly bring clients to acquire these home sites. This will be done with any person or individual who joins a group and makes it a team effort to make this sales event a success. Globally realtors are only getting between 1.5-2% commissions. Individuals can use that as a guide and basis in building their network of multi marketers.
“Caribbean Resort Retirement Investment Community with Retail Hotel & Retail Business Opportunity”



  • PHENION ON THE RIDGE RESORT HOTEL CONDOMINIUM; Montego Bay, St. James Jamaica W.I. The demanded “HIP –STRIP” AREA. 236 suites of 2& 3 bed room units.
  • SUNSET TOWN CENTRE, “HIP-STRIP” Montego Bay, Contiguous to the PHENION RIDGE HOTEL. Mainly commercial suites of offices and retail, a four screen Theatre/ which doubles as a cinema. With a 80 unit Suite Condo; virtual offices  and conference centers
  • PHENION AT LINCOLN; Lincoln/ Mandeville, Manchester 22 UNIT HIGH END Town Home Estate. Is both approved by Parish Council and NEPA. Gated 24 HOUR SECURITY. Designed for the security conscious business professional or Family. Large units designed with higher income bracket in mind. CAREIF as part of its developments strategy to enhance communities will be also developing the Lincoln Square cosmetically to ensure the highest quality neighborhoods. This is an excellent buy for Investors who will take advantage of the appreciation.  The Estate has only 2 and 3 Bed Room with each bed room having its own Bathroom. Units vary between 22,000 - 36,000sq feet.




  • Wentworth Village is 56 lot development. Lots start at over half an acres in size. 17 LOTS will be available to other developers or investors for Estate Houses which they can sell to the end-user. Other sites will be used for a mix of Affordable Condos, Affordable Town Homes; Rental Apartments as well as hotel and villas for the local and international tourism product. Infrastructure work will be completed by September 2009. Open market sales will begin as early as March 2009.



The developments listed are all approved and are now seeking Funding through Joint Venture partners; financial institutions and or Developers interested in building. Expected to break ground by Mid 2009. BUILD OUT PERIOD IN 24-30 MONTHS. Open market sales to end-users will begin between March and June 2009. 1,200 square feet units will go on the open Market at Minimum USD$450,000.00


  1. Phenion On The Ridge ; Our Resort Hotel Condo Development has openings for 10-20 Joint Venture partners. JV Partners minimum contribution is at a minimum of USD$300,000.00. JV Partners will have First Right of Refusal once units go to open market sale. Contribution will be collateralized with a 1,200sq feet unit for each JV Partner. No minimum limit on number of positions up to 20.  Individual Real Estate Investor or Institution Welcomes.


Restaurant; Spa and Gymnasium facilities available for providers, who wish to participate in design and final look of Facilities; should apply to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it . Only providers capable of providing five star quality services are being encouraged to apply.



Features include the following;


Perfect for The Real Estate Investor In You

Interior Design and Amenities


  • Housing 1; 2 & 3 Bedroom Units starting from 1,200square feet–over 3,600 sq. feet; additionally there are six Penthouses of over 4,600sq feet. Minimum Investor Participation and Contribution USD$ 300,000-380,000.00, limited positions available. Successful Joint Venture Partners must provide; letter of intent, proof of funds as well as source of funds from a legally recognized financial institution , recognized under United States Federal Banking regulations and laws, before being accepted to partnership. For details e-mail request to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it and This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or call 561. 839.9766

or 561. 401. 6399


  • The Hotel Condo will have 20 stories and will be the Montego Bay’s “Hip-strips” first mid-rise structure in over 3 decades. The Complex will stand out as a land mark and an Icon for the Montego Bay and Jamaica Tourism Landscape. If as an investor you would like to have a most desired investment property, then The Phenion On The Ridge is certainly the one to grab.


  • When sale of the units begin in June 2009, the price point for the smallest 1,200sqfet units will begin at USD$ 552,000.00. This is very competitive pricing when compared to both the cost per square foot and the size of the units to that of our closest competitor for a resort high end project is the Palmyra resort.


  • The developer will be giving under its extended warrantee program a buy back guaranteed contracts at end-users buying or purchase price.



Amenities offered;

If you've been looking for the Premium and affluence of resort Celebrity Caribbean living, Phenion On The Ridge is without a question the most opulent Resort development planned for Montego Bay’s famous “Hip- Strip”. This area has become the premier entertainment spot for the tourism Mecca of Montego Bay and the Island of Jamaica whether you’re a looking for the active night life, laid back beach culture, souvenir shopping or a quiet evening dining at an international restaurant. If your preference if for local cuisine, there are several outstanding restaurants to meet the most discriminating globetrotter’s appetite.  Each condominium offers stunning and dramatic views of the shimmering Caribbean, yachters, cruise lines and pleasure boast as the glide from east to west  a-top the blue green Caribbean sea with absolute visibility  and comes  with every uncompromising service and amenity you've come to expect from a first-class, five-star resort. Phenion On The Ridge Offers a 360 degree view of Montego Bays Harbor, the Bay itself, Blue mountain views and jotting peninsula capped with white sand beaches, hosting affluent resorts and villas stretching from horizon to horizon.


Amenities include;

  • Fully furnished interiors with luxurious European, American or custom designs.
  • Spacious balconies with Caribbean vistas.
  • Elegant Designer lobbies with caf├ęs, DVD and Music libraries.
  • Gymnasium and Spas.
  • ½ mile elevated walking and jogging trail.
  • State-of-the-art stainless steel appliances.
  • Double oven and gourmet cook-top stove.
  • 8 feet doors throughout.
  • High ceilings
  • Digital Cable
  • Complementary phone service to the USA, CANADA, Europe, Porto Rico.
  • Free internet access and hot spots for guests and residents.
  • Ultra high-speed, wireless Internet access
  • 42 inch Kitchen cabinets.
  • Raised bathroom vanities.
  • Granite counter tops.
  • Marble window sills.
  • Porcelain Tiles.
  • Designer bathrooms.
  • Wood floorings custom.
  • Intercom system with piped music.
  • High-end washer and dryer.
  • Personal concierge for each residence.
  • Private Chef and butler available.
  • Fully furnished and maintenance-free with management contract.
  • Fire wall built for quieting and sound control from neighbors.
  • External Noise controls
  • Solar/ renewable energy products optional.
  • Fire safety equipment including smoke alarms.
  • Recessed and designer lighting.
  • Reserved Two Car covered Parking.
  • Elevator to shopping and entertainment.
  • Easy access to gaming lounges.
  • Professionally landscaped Roof top Gardens and loungers.
  • Architectural water feature and fountains.
  • Two community Designer swimming pools.
  • Walk to international restaurants.
  • Walk to world famous Margarita Ville.
  • Elevator to four Theatres hosting local and international productions.
  • 24 Hour gated security.
  • Membership to World famous Doctors Cave Beach Club.
  • Complementary Shuttle service to & form Sangster International Airport.
  • Access to visitor tour services.
  • Baby sitting services.
  • Easy on demand access to Emergency Care medical service and personnel.
  • Access to 24 hour Pharmacy.
  • Safety Deposit services.
  • Access to financial services such as ATM’s and Wire services.
  • Virtual offices; short term and or long term office facilities
  • Conference facilities.
  • Optional management services.
  • HOA fees begins at USD$200.00 per month.
  • Guaranteed Buy Back policy from Developer at minimum original purchase price.

The development and the current market offer several opportunities and advantages;


The advantages in the local market


  1. The price points for units are within the margins of the local real estate buyers, investors, and home-owners. Houses of the caliber being put on the market currently sell from US$500K and up.


  1. There is still a very strong demand for real estate in Jamaica both amongst local buyers as well as international residents who have a desire to own property there.  Included in this group are Caribbean born immigrants to the USA; CANADA AND THE UK who have always displayed a strong desire to retire in Jamaica or at least have vacation property there. This is therefore an assurance that investors will not be stuck with a product that will not see realistic demand.


  1. There is a shortage of similar units on the open market in Jamaica and the Caribbean as a whole.


  1. Most commercial lenders dealing in mortgages are willing to provide funding for both locals as well as international buyers.


  1. The Jamaican government offers low cost financing to Workers while allowing them to co-borrow from other institutions. Having low interest rates and easy access to financing will be an advantage in terms of absorption.
  2. The fact that the project is a hotel condominium concept, in a high demand tourist rental market, will ensure that investors and end-users real estate will maintain its value and appreciate. The area is literally built out, with only a few parcels available for developments purposes. Scarcity of the product will positively affect appreciation.


  1. The developer will for the very first time in a hotel condominium allow owners to manage their own property. This will give them more control and possibly greater returns as they do direct marketing of their own units. This we believe will increase occupancy levels for those units if the owner is aggressively pursuing marketing of the units.


    • The owner will also be given the added advantage of operating or subletting their units even if the reside there. I.e. they can still take in guests on a short term or long term basis. For those owners who are looking for subsidy to their income or simply making extra money, while still enjoying their condo and the Caribbean  hospitality experience, this will be an asset.
    • Owners will larger units can therefore operate a Bed and Breakfast type operation. Again by increasing the flexibility of how owners can manage and occupy their units will increase the demand. The property can therefore be seen and function as a residence as well as an investment/ business.


  1. The fact that we are catering to professionals in business both local and international and the fact that there are also available commercial office condos and lofts will increase our demand. While there is obviously an advantage in operating your business where you live, there is also added advantage in having security to complement your lifestyle. There is high demand for real estate in gated secure communities especially amongst business professionals who have become more and more concerned with their personal safety between leaving work or their businesses and going home. This product will provide one solution to these concerns.


  1. CAREIF Ltd as a part of its warrantee policy will be offering a guaranteed buy back contract to original buyers, which can be transferred with a reassignment fee or resale contract. This will ensure that CAREIF has first refusal on premium units and will prevent the unit’s price form falling below original purchase price. Buyers will therefore have confidence that they will not be paying on a note above the re-sale value of the real estate, whether they bought it one year or 20 years ago. This buy back contract will be signed at point of purchases. Resultant cost associated to the extended warrantee program will be embedded in the selling price of the unit. A minimum fee (warrantee fee) will be charge for the additional warrantee.
  2. The development will attract government incentive programs which allow the tax free importation of all building material for the project, thus reducing the actual construction budget and cost.


  1. Developers and operators also have a 15 year tax free holiday on the property and its operations. Generating healthy long term income is highly likely.


  1. The hotel condominium concept could also offer the end-user a tax advantage. This is not giving tax advice and the prospective investor should seek out their own tax professionals to get advice especially when dealing across international tax regimes and jurisdictions.


  1. Having easy access to the airport with complementary shuttle pick up and drop off, conference facility within the complex, retail, entertainment and all the amenities of an upscale lifestyle will make this product as success.


  1. The Jamaican Government gives strong support to the Hotel and tourism sector via incentive programs and advertisements internationally. This gives a marketing advantage to any hotelier on the island.



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